For a detailed workflow of the Player Registration and Clearance processes, please click HERE


All Player Clearance processes are found in the following subsections of the Premier Cricket Bylaws;

Player Qualifications: Pages 27-36

Clearance Process: By-Laws 164 - 169 (Pages 28-29)

Clearance Refused Process: By-Law 215 (Page 35)



If a player is below 18 years (on 1st September of the current season) and has not previously played in any SACA Premier Cricket competitions, he/she is eligible to play for the Club in his/her residential qualification or for another Club that shares a metropolitan boundary with this Club, which are listed below:


Adelaide (Residential postcodes click here) 
Glenelg, Kensington, Prospect, Sturt, Southern District, West Torrens

East Torrens  (Residential postcodes click here) 
Kensington, Prospect, Tea Tree Gully

Glenelg (Residential postcodes click here) 
Adelaide, Southern District, West Torrens

Kensington (Residential postcodes click here) 
Adelaide, East Torrens, Prospect, Sturt

Northern Districts (Residential postcodes click here) 
Port Adelaide, Prospect, Tea Tree Gully

Port Adelaide (Residential postcodes click here) 
Prospect, Northern Districts, West Torrens, Woodville

Prospect (Residential postcodes click here) 
Adelaide, East Torrens, Kensington, Northern Districts, Port Adelaide, Tea Tree Gully, West Torrens, Woodville

Sturt (Residential postcodes click here) 
Adelaide, Kensington, Southern District

Southern District (Residential postcodes click here) 
Adelaide, Glenelg, Sturt

Tea Tree Gully (Residential postcodes click here) 
East Torrens, Northern Districts, Prospect

West Torrens (Residential postcodes click here) 

Adelaide, Glenelg, Port Adelaide, Prospect, Woodville

Woodville (Residential postcodes click here) 
Port Adelaide, Prospect, West Torrens


 HERE is a link to look up your residential postcode to determine which Premier Club you can play for.